Petition to the European Commission
For a REAL ban on beekilling nicotinoids pesticides.
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Whereas you, the European Commission, are about to pass a regulation concerning three neonicotinoides - clothianide, thiametoxam and imidaclopride - aiming at banning them for two years but on a part-time basis (between January and June for grains, and during flowering for market gardening produce);

Whereas more than fifty scientific studies in France and around the world show the irrefutable responsability of neonicotinoides on bees dramatic mortality, a responsability that has been confirmed on January 2013 by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);

Whereas such a part-time ban will not resolve the problem since the neonicotinoides pesticides can remain - as numerous studies have proved - as long as three years in the soil and thus poison the future crops even if they themselves have not been treated. The pollen of those plants will contain neonicotinoids residues that will inevitably poison the bees.

As a citizen concerned about my health, the quality of my food and about the Nature that we want to preserve for future generations, I ask you not to give in to the pressure of agrochemical companies refusing to see their products banned.

Pass a total year-round ban, on clothianidine, thiametoxam and imidaclopride that are responsible for the death of millions of bees every year.

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